Phad Thai Recipe

Today we shall learn about history of Phad Thai, Phad Thai recipe, how to cook it, Phad Thai nutrition facts and how many calories it provide.


When Field Marshall Plaek Pibulsongkram (Jom Phon Por) became Thai president (1938-1944 and 1948-1957), he issued 12 Rattha Niyom (cultural mandate) between 1939-1942, changed the name of “Siam (Thailand original name) to Thailand and brought in the Western Calendar (Thai or Siam original New Year is 1 April). He ordered Thais to salute the flag twice per day, learn the national anthem by heart and sing it at school, wear a hat, refrain from speaking any dialects in public and use only Standard Thai.

When it already has Thailand, it should have national food too. So It was chosen. At that time, everyone thinks all noodles such as; Kaoy Tiaw (Noodle), Ba Mee (Chinese Noodle, Kanom Jin (Thai vermicelli with curry) as Chinese related food. With that reason, new style food was made up.

Fry small noodle, add yellow soybean curd, add dried shrimps, add garlic’s leaf, add eggs, add bean sprout and fry all ingredient together.

The true Phad Thai mustn’t have pork in ingredient because, at that time, everyone thinks pork is Chinese food. Thais rarely eat pork. They only eat pork in special festival. Thais originally eat chicken and fish. Since it was named “Phad Thai”, so there is no pork in its ingredient.

It’s very easy to find and eat because it’s very famous. Since each shop has themselves method and technique, which inherit for many years, so there are many Phad Thai Recipe that has different type of ingredient and different frying method.

Phad Thai Recipe
(Thai - style fried Rice noodles )

Phad Thai Recipe Main Ingredient

How to cook

1. Fry noodles with water until soft.
2. Add sauce and mix thoroughly.
3. Add dried shrimp, Chopped Salted white radish and soybean curd.
4. Add oil around the pan, break eggs and fry until done.
5. Add bean sprouts, Chinese leek leaves and fry and serve warmly.
6. Scramble egg and mix with the seasoning noodles.
7. When the noodles look dry, add bean sprouts and Chinese chives.
8. Stir them together with noodles until cooked. Then remove from the heat.

Phad Thai Recipe Sauce Ingredient

Sauce cooking

1. Pound sha gredients in a pot.
2. Heat the ingredients until melted.
3. Bring to boil and then add the sauteed shallots and garlic.
4. Mix them togetherand pack in plastic bags, 80 grams each

Note: The Phad Thai Recipe Sauce makes 2 kg.

Phad Thai Recipe Nutritional Information per 100 grams

- Calories 216.16 Kcal.

- Protein 7.26 gm.

- Fat 10.84 gm.

- Carbohydrate 22.39 gm.

- Fiber 1.78 gm.

- Calcium 67.98 mg.

- Iron 0.94 mg.

Strong point of Phad Thai Recipe: High calories, protein, fibers, calcium and phosphorus.