Weigth Control Thai Food

Weight Control Thai Food

It was found in the ten years survey on nutritional condition of the global population that the obesity rate was 8.2% increasing in every group of pea In United States, 50% of the adults were overweight and roughly half amount we obese. However, the rate of obesity increases varied to ages, especially in women (body mass index >30.0 kg/sq.m.). Obesity causes various diseases; blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and etc.

In general, control of weight could be managed by limitation of calories gained from food. Thai food is appropriate for weight control because the pattern is in set. Since there are more than one dish, thus, consumers can get all main food substances; meat, rice, carbohydrate, vegetables, fruits and fat. Moreover, Thai food is composed of herbs and spices which are acceptable for good health. Actually, single food could not provide enough substances to consumption needs. Weight control is depended on the level of food calories that provide suitable energy. Hence, the set menu was designed-to-provide not more than 1,600 Kcal per day which is appropriate to both young and old. It was also good for people who want to control weight by using exchange list according to nutritional principle to calculate the calories generated and amount of food from each group per meal. In each meal, the calories gained will be one in three needed per day or roughly 500-600 Kcal per meal. The calories are generated from carbohydrate 15-60%, from protein 10-20% and from fat 20-30%.

Calories per day = 1,600 Kcal

50% from carbohydrate = 800 Kcal or 200g/day (1 g carbohydrate = 4 Kcal)
20% from protein = 320 Kcal or 80g/day (1 g protein = 4 Kcal)
30% from fat = 480 Kcal or 53 g/day (1 g fat = 9 Kcal)

The set menu is then designed based on the above calculation.

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