Master Cleanse Recipe

Master Cleanse Recipe

The Master Cleanse is seeing a renewal of interest in the past few years. It consists of a liquid fast in the form of a special lemonade mixture.

Important consideration: When you are experiencing candida symptoms it may not be the best time to embark on the Master Cleanse, since the whole thing consists of a maple syrup-sweetened lemonade (yeast thrives on sugars).
Master Cleanse Recipe To help your body regain balance and recover from candida overgrowth I'd vote for simplifying your diet by following the advice laid out in our Diet Guidelines for a while first, before trying something like the Master Cleanse recipe.

For those who are at a point where they feel ready to try the Master Cleanse, here's a recipe for one serving of the lemonade for a sample of what your diet would consist of for the next 10 or more days.

Master Cleanse Recipe Ingredients

The master cleanse diet is a very cost effective diet because it does not require you to have any special kind of ingredients to make it work. The main ingredients for the master cleanse are pure water, grade B Organic maple syrup, organic Cayenne pepper, organic lemons and sea salts. To increase its effectiveness as a cleanser, you can use secondary ingredients such as herbal laxative tea, psyllium husk, wheat grass, natural decaffeinated herbal tea and hoodia extract.

The most important ingredient actually in the master cleanse diet is the pure filtered water. Most people actually overlooked the importance of this ingredient because they took it for granted. You must not use other types of water because the effectiveness of the master cleanse will be reduced when there are chlorine or bacteria in the water. Furthermore chlorine is a poison. The purpose of the master cleanse diet is to remove toxic inside your body. Therefore by adding in more poison into your body, it defeats the entire purpose of the master cleanse diet.

The Master Cleanse Recipe - Behind the Detox Diet
First and foremost, remember as with any diet, the master cleanse diet should be carefully examined and researched before attempting the cleanse. If you are serious about losing weight or detoxifying your body, it would be wise to research the cleanse as much as possible before attempting it. Read a book, look through websites, get informed.

The master cleanse recipe first starts with drinking a mixture of water, cayenne pepper, fresh squeezed lemons or limes, and organic grade B maple syrup. To many, the first thought of this mixture may be repulsive, however many who have attempted the cleanse find it very tasty and each ingredient has its own purpose in the mix.

Water - The basis of every bodily function. Water is a key element in the cleansing process and is necessary to maintain health. (this is a given)

Cayenne Pepper - Cayenne pepper has many functions. Cayenne is what is known as a "hot" food which contains capsaicin. Capsaicin is the hot stuff in peppers and may help with such things as digestion, cleansing and "curbing" appetite. Ever wonder why it is so easy to go ten days without solid food? Cayenne pepper keeps you from getting hungry.

Lemon or Lime juice - Lemon juice or lime juice are responsible for much of the "nutrient" aspect of the master cleanse. Lemon water as been used to cleanse the body for years and years. It also provides nutrients like vitamin C which is essential for good health. Part of the idea with the master cleanse diet is that you are only putting in the "good" and none of the "bad" in the meantime.

Grade B Maple Syrup - Organic grade B maple syrup is also why many call this the mayple syrup diet. Mayple syrup is responsible for your daily calorie intake as well as nutritive properties like B vitamins. It also helps sweeten the mix.