Calories in Thai Food

Here is information about how many calories in Thai Food and Thai Food nutritional information or Thai Food nutrition facts. But before that, we should learn about Thai Food more little

Rice is main food for Thais. Thais eat rice along with Thai Food. Thai food usually divided into 2 main groups.
1. Thai Food that must served with rice such as Tom Yum Kung and Som Tum Tai.
2. One Dish Food that usually consumed without rice such as Phad Thai, Phad Khee Mao and Pad Kra Prao.

Most of Thai Food that must be served with rice will be called “Thai Food Menu” in this article for short description.

Most of Thai Food Menu doesn’t have carbohydrate, which will be gain by eating rice instead. Main Thai Food Menu Ingredient is meat; meat that Thais usually eat is pork, chicken, beef and fish, vegetable and spices. Meat is main source of Protein and Fat, meanwhile, vegetable and spices is main source of Vitamins, Minerals and Fibers. Vegetable and Spices also is medical substances, which is good for health and prevent or heal some disease such as; obesity, hearth disease, diabetes, cancer.

Most of One Dish Food will has rice or rice related produce such as noodle, which is main source of carbohydrate, in their main ingredient. That’s why One Dish Food usually consumed without rice. Other ingredient is meat, which is source of main source Protein and Fat, vegetable and spices.

Regardless any type of food, Thai Food always provide five groups of nutrition value; Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat, Vitamins and Minerals including fibers in sufficient amount.

Quantity of Calories in Thai Food can be varies depend on each food. Thai Food Menu, which its main ingredient is meat and One Dish Food usually has high calories because it provides a lot of Protein, Carbohydrate and fat that is main source of calories. Thai Food menu, which its main ingredient is vegetable and spices, provides low calories, but it provides a lot of minerals, vitamins and fibers instead.

Calories in Thai Food and Thai Food nutritional information or Thai Food Nutrition Facts (in this blog) will be divided into 3 groups.

1. One Dish Food.
2. Thai Food Menu (must be served with rice). There is no information about how many calories and nutritional information rice has. It will display only calories and nutritional information of that food.
3. Thai Food Set Menu. Thai Food Set Menu has more than one food in component. It will display information about that set menu not each food.

You can see each set menu by visit=>Thai Food Set Menu for Health Category and Weight Control Thai Food Category.

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