Kaow Suay and Kaow Neaw (Rice)

Rice (Kaow) is main component in most Thai Food. It’s also in Several Asian. For Thais, Kaow sometimes means main meal namely; Kaow Shao means Breakfast, Kaow Tiang means Lunch, Kaow Yen means Dinner. There are many type of Kaow, but only two of them that Thais usually eat are rice (Kaow Jao, Kaow San, Kaow San Jao) and glutinous rice (Kaow Neaw). When Thais say “Kaow”, the first meaning is Kaow Jao (Rice) and the second meaning is Kaow Neaw (glutinous rice). Another Kaow must use modifier such as; Kaow Pod (Maize), Kaow Oat (Oat), Kaow Salee (Wheat).

Rice is main food for Thais. Most of Thai Food has rice in their component. There are two rice that Thais eat is Rice and Glutinous Rice. Thais eat rice more than glutinous rice. Most of Central and Southern Thais eat rice, Most of Eastern Thais eat glutinous rice and Northern Thais eat both of rice but prefer rice. Since rice is source of Carbohydrate, so Thais usually gain carbohydrate by eating rice.

Kaow Suay is Kaow Jao (Rice) that is cooked by boiling (Tom) or steaming (Noeng). The word “Suay” usually means “beauty”. But the word “suay” in “Kaow Suay” means “loose, don’t stick together”, which is opposite word of “Neaw” in “Kaow Neaw (Glutinous Rice)”.

Kaow Neaw is glutinous rice that is cooked by steaming. After cooked, it will stick together, that’s why it called “Kaow Neaw” (The word “Neaw” means “stick together”). It also called “Kaow Noeng” because it cooked by steaming that called “Noueng” in Thai Language.