Tom Yum Pla Chawn Set Nutrition Facts

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Thai Food in Tom Yum Pla Chawn Set

Kaow Suay
Tom Yum Pla Chawn
Phad Kuy-chay Kung

The calories amount of Tom Yum Pla Chawn Set is generated
From carbohydrate 55%, protein 15% and fat 30%

1 serving of set menu is composed of

Rice ________________ portions (1 portion = 55 g)
Fruits _______________1 portions (about 1 small to medium fresh fruit)
Vegetables ____________3.5 portions (1 portion = 100 g)
Meat ________________
portion (1 portion = 30 g)
Fat _________________1½ portions (1 portion = 5 g)

Tom Yum Pla Chawn Set Nutritional Information