Thai Food: Kaffir Lime and Krachai (Thai Herb)

Kaffir Lime

Kaffir lime skin is one of spices mixed in chilli paste for Kaeng Phed and Phad Phed, and in Nam Prik (for Thai noodles). Kaffir lime juice is sour and used to reduce savory of meat. It is actually mixed in fermented fish paste, Kaeng Som and Kaeng Tay Po. Chopped kaffir lime leaves are used to reduce meat smell and season Kaeng Phed, Phad Phed, Chu Chee Pla, Kaeng Tom Som, Tom Yam, Hua Mok, Tam Kanoon, Khao Yam and etc.

- carminative
- expectorant

Kaffir lime Use in Thai Food
- Tom Yum Kung
- Tom Kha Kai
- Kaeng Khiao Wan Kai
- Kai Phad Phed
- Phanaeng Kai


The rhizome of krachai is used in some specific mixture, almost are for fish soup; Nam Ya Pla and Kaeng Som due to the spicy and bitter taste of krachai that are good to reduce the fishes? savory and as well to other fish dishes; Phad Phed Pla

- carminative
- antihistamine
- antifungal, bacterial
- cardamonin to stop the growth of cancer

Krachai Use in Thai Food
- Kai Phad Phed
- Nam Ya Pla