Thai Food: Krapao, Lemon and Lemon Grass (Thai Herb)


Kra prao or sacred basil is used in Kaeng Pha, Kaeng Kae and some spicy fried meat dishes to reduce the savory of the fish meat. Fresh leaves are sprinkled on food before removing from heat.

- carminative
- reduce sugar in blood
- release tension
- stomachic

Kra Prao Use in Thai Food
- Khao Phad Kra Prao


Lemon juice is used to make sour taste in Tom Yam, Som Tum, Phla, spicy salads and many chilli pastes and as well lemon juice for drink.
- expectorant
- carminative
- antiscorbutic

Lemon Use in Thai Food
- Tom Yum Kung
- Tom Kha Kai
- Som Tum

Lemon Grass

Lemon grass is spicy and bitter and used for seasoning the Thai food and as the main ingredient in every recipe of Kaeng Phed, spicy salads and Tom Yam.

- carminative
- antibacterial, fungal, yeast
- diuretic

Lemon grass Use in Thai Food
- Tom Yum Kung
- Tom Kha Kai
- Kaeng Khiao Wan Kai
- Beef Masaman
- Kai Phad Phed
- Phanaeng Kai
- Nam Ya Pla