Thai Food: Kaow Neaw Dum Peak Peuk

Kaow Neaw Dum Peak Peuk
(Black Sticky Rice Pudding With Taro)

Thai Food: Kaow Neaw Dum Peak Peuk Ingredient

How to cook

1. Wash black sticky rice once or twice, remain in hot water 11/2 hour.
2. Remain taro in Ilmewater for 10 minutes, wash 2-3 times, set aside.
3. Boll pandanus leaves in water, when boiled put black sticky rice, simmer with low heat, stir regularly until done, dip out pandanus leaves.
4. Add taro, when done add sugar, palm sugar, stir, bring to done, remove.

Kaow Neaw Dum Peak Peuk Nutrient Information per 100 grams of food

Other: Phosphorus 67 mg, Sodium 100 mg

Benefit of Kaow Neaw Dum Peak Peuk
- High Fiber
- Fair amount of protein, fat and phosphorus
- 100 g of Kaow Neow provide antioxidant capacity 7.46 mg vitamin C equiv. and total phenolic compounds 14.53 gallic acid equiv.