Phad Ka prao Yod Maprao Kai Recipe

Phad Ka prao Yod Maprao Kai
(Stir fried Coconut Turnip Top with Chicken and Ka prao)

Thai Food: Phad Ka prao Yod Maprao Kai Ingredient

How to cook

1. Pound hot chilli and garlic until fine.
2. Heat the wok, add sesame oil, fry garlic, hot chilli until fragrant.
3. Add chicken, fry roughly, add coconut turnip tops, fry until done, add water and baby corn, fry until done.
4. Seasoning with fish sauce and light soy sauce.
5. Remove from heat, add kra,prao, stir roughly, dip onto plate, serve hot.

Phad Kra prao Yod Maprao KaiNutrition Information