Thai Food: Num Prik Long Rua Recipe

Num Prik Long Rua
(Stir-fried Shrimp Paste Chili Dip with Sweet Pork)

Num Prik Long Rua Main Ingredient

How to Cook

1. Weight dried shrimps, wash and leave to dry.
2. Pound garlic and shrimp paste until fine, add hot chilli, madan, ma-euk and ma-kheua phuang and bash.
3. Seasoning with sugar, fish sauce and lime juice then add dried shrimps and pound thoroughly.
4. Fry chopped garlic until done, add Nam Phrik and fry until fragrant (around 4 minutes)
5. Dip up, add sweet pork and mix thoroughly.
6. Serve with side dish; cucumber, wing bean, white turmeric and crispy catfish

Num Prik Long Rua Sauce Ingredient

How to Cook

1. Cut cross pork into 1 cm. pieces.
2. Fry pork and all mixture, with low heat until dry (around 9 minutes).

Key Benefit
- Balanced Energy Distribution
- Good Proportion of Total Fat,
Saturated Fat and Cholesterol
- Good Source of Dietary Fiber and
- Fairly Good Source of Vitamin E
and Calcium