Thai Food: Moo Satay Recipe

Moo Satay
(Pork Satay)

Thai Food: Moo Satay Ingredient

How to cook

1. Pound galangal and lemon grass thoroughly, add salt, coriander seed, roasted cumin and turmeric, pound until fine.
2. Mix the mixture with pork, add butter, sugar, knead thoroughly.
3. Add coconut milk and water, mix together, marinate for 1-2 hours, grill until done, spray coconut milk while grill.

Sauce Ingredient

Ground dried chili 35 g
Ground hot chili 1 g
Shallot 20 g
Garlic 10 g
Lemon grass (sliced) 7.5 g
Galangal (sliced) 2.5 g
Chili paste 5 g
Ground roasted coriander 2 g
Ground roasted cumin 1 g
Iodized salt 2.5 g
Coconut milk 250 g
Palm sugar 60 g
Tamarind juice 15 g
Iodized salt 2 g
Ground roasted peanuts cup 50 g
Water 100 g

How to cook

1. Pound the mixture until fine.
2. Fry chilli paste with a little coconut milk until fragrant, add coconut mik little at a time until done.
3. Seasoning with sugar, salt, tamarind juice, add the remaining coconut milk, water and
peanut, simmer until sticky.

Moo Satay Nutrition Information per 100 grams of food


Benefit of Moo Satay
- High protein and fat
- 100 g of moo satay provide antioxidant capacity 20.22 mg vitamin C equiv. and total phenolic 91.40 mg gallic acid equiv.