Thai Food: Satu Tao-hu Recipe

Satu Tao-hu
(Bean Curd Soup)

Thai Food: Satu Tao-hu (Bean Curd Soup)

How to cook

1. Use mold to make heart shape bean curd, coat with wheat flour thoroughly, fry until yellowish, dip up to dry, set aside. (use 5 g oil)
2. Clean potato, boil until done, peel, cut to small oval pieces, fry with oil (5 g) until turn yellow.
3. Clean long bean, soak roughly, cut to one inch pieces.
4. Melt butter in pot, add remaining wheat flour, stir to dissolve, add soup stock, potato, tomato, tomato sauce, bean curd, steam around 3 minutes, add salt, long bean, stir together.
5. Set nicely and serve