Thai Food: Yum Woon Sen Recipe

Yum Woon Sen
(Mung Been Thread Spicy Salad)

Thai Food: Yum Woon Sen Ingredient

How to cook

1. Soak woon sen and mushroom in water for half an hour, pour the water off, scald woon sen one minute and mushroom 3 minutes, cut into pieces, cover to keep wet.
2. Steam pork mixed with salt until done, cut into 3x1.5 cm.x2 mm. pieces.
3. Scald prawns and cut cross at 1 cm. pieces.
4. Prepare seasoning sauce, pound garlic, coriander root and chilli until fine, then bash hot chilli, mix with lime juice and fish sauce, sugar, stir well.
5. Put woon sen into mixing bowl, mix with seasoning sauce, shallots, celery, spring onion, coriander, prawn and pork, mix thoroughly.