Thai Food: Kaeng Kari Kai Recipe

Kaeng Kari Kai
(Chicken Curry)

Thai Food: Kaeng Kari Kai Ingredient

How to cook
1. Pound chili paste mixture thoroughly.
2. Fry chili paste with oil until fragrant, add coconut milk (100 g) little at a time.
3. Add chicken, fry, add seasonings, fry for 5 minutes, dip unto pot.
4. Add remaining coconut milk (250 g) and water, when boned add potato, simmer With low
heat for 15 minutes.

Kaeng Kari Kai Nutrition Information per 100 grams of food


Benefit of Kaeng Kari Kai
- High protien, fat, fiber and iron
- 100g Kaeng Kari provide antioxidant capacity 10.85 mg vitamin C equiv. and total phenolic compounds 32.98 mg gallic acid equiv.