Thai Food: Sai Oua Recipe

Sai Oua
(Northern Sausage)

Thai Food: Sai Oua Ingredient

How to cook

1. Pound Nam Phrik mixture roughly.
2. Add pork, fatty pork, chili paste, fish sauce, sugar, mix thoroughly.

3. Add kaffir lime leaves and coriander, mix together.

4. Fill the mixture In the clean entrails, make Into knots, 5 inches each.

5. Grill until done, pinch to get rid of bubbles.

Sai Oua Nutrition Information per 100 grams of food

Other: Phosphorus 460 mg, Sodium 1100 mg

Benefit of Sai Oua
- High protein, fat, phosphorus, iron and sodium
- 100 g of Sai Oua provide antioxidant capacity 19.08 mg vitamin C equiv. and total phenolic compounds 58.28 mg gallic acid equiv.