Thai Food: Hor Mok Plachawnn Bai Yaw Recipe

Hor Mok Plachawnn Bai Yaw
(Steamed Serpent Head Fish Curry With Indian Mulberry Leaf)

Thai Food: Hor Mok Plachawnn Bai Yaw Ingredient

How to cook

1. Pound krachai (finger root) until fine, add chili paste, mix thoroughly.
2. Mix chili paste with V4cup coconut milk, add fish fillets, cut into thin slices, toss, add the remaining coconut milk a little at a time, seasoning with fish sauce, break the egg, stir well.
3. Line bottom of the banana leaf cups with 6 g of mulberry leaves, fill each cup With 55 g mixture (35 g fish meat + chili paste).
4. Prepare coconut cream by dissolve rice flour in coconut milk, bring to a boil by using lower heat, stir until sticky, allow 4 minutes.
5. Heat steamer until boil, line the cups in the tray, steam for 15 minutes, remove steamer.
6. Drop Y4 teaspoon (24 g) coconut cream on the top, sprinkle each with kaffir lime leaves, chili and steam 2-3 minutes more.