Thai Food: Kaeng PHed Ped Yang Recipe

Kaeng PHed Ped Yang
(Roasted Duck Red Curry)

Thai Food: Kaeng PHed Ped Yang Ingredient

Thai Food: How to cook

1. Fry chilli paste with oil and coconut milk, allow 4 minutes until fragrant and shine.
2. Add duck meat, fry with chilli paste, add half cup coconut milk, and water, bring to boil.
3. Seasoning with fish sauce and sugar.
4. Add ma-kheua phuang, press to sink, when done, add tomatoes, kaffir Lime leaves,
sweet basil, chile and the remaining coconut milk.

Note1: From step no.3 until done allow 6 minutes.
Note2: Best result: soup is red, not too light or sticky, ma-kheua are green not dark, taste is salty, sweet and fairly spicy.

Thai Food: Key Benefit

- Fair Energy Distribution
- Fairly 1-u gh Fat and Saturated Fat Content
- Source of Protein
- Vitamin C-Rich Source
- Good Source of Dietary Fiber
- Fair Source of Calcium and irons