Thai Food: Som Tum Tai Recipe

Today we shall learn about history of Som Tum Tai, Som tum Tai recipe, how to cook it, Som Tum nutritional information, Benefit of Som Tum and how many calories it provides.

Som Tum Tai Recipe
(Thai Papaya Spicy Salad)

Som Tum Tai Recipe Ingredient

How to cook

1. Slice papaya to string.
2. Pound garlic, hot chill and long bean, bash.

3. Add sugar, fish sauce, lime juice, stir wet.

4. Add sliced papaya, tomato, dried shrimps, mix thoroughly.

Key Benefit of Som Tum Tai Recipe

1. Balanced Energy Distribution
2. Source of Protein
3. Relatively Low in Total Fat and Saturated Fat
4. Fair Cholesterol Content
5. Good Source of Iron
6. Vitamin C and Dietary Fiber-Rich Source

Nutrition Information per 100 grams

- Calories 62.13 Kcal.

- Protein 3.36 gm.

- Fat 0.51 gm.

- Carbohydrate 11.05 gm.

- Fiber 1.75 gm.

- Calcium 55.06 mg.

- Iron 0.58 mg.