Thai Food: Kai Thod Samunprai Recipe

Kai Thod Samunprai
(Deep fried Chicken and Crispy Herbs)

Thai Food: Kai Thod Samunprai

How to cook

1. Pound herbs Qemon grass, galangal, garlic, pepper) until fine, mix with chicken pieces and seasonings; salt, sugar, light soy sauce, marinate for 30 minutes.
2. Clean and slice lemon grass and galangal, dry a while then toss with crispy flour, fry and remove to drain.
3. Clean kaffir lime leaves, split and fry until crisp, remove to drain.
4. Fry shallot until yellowish and crisp and remove to drain.
5. Fry marinated chickens with high heat until done and remove to drain on the absorbent papers.
6. Set chickens on plate and sprinkle with herbs.