Thai Food: Nam Phrik Ong Recipe

Nam Phrik Ong
(Minced Pork and Tomato, Chili Dip)

Thai Food: Nam Phrik Ong Recipe

How to cook

1. Seedless dried chilli, remain in water.
2. Peel shallot and garlic.
3. Pound chilli and salt together, add shallots and garlic, pound until fine.
4. Add shrimp paste, pound together, add tomatoes cut to pieces, mix roughly.
5. Break 2 cloves garlic and chop roughly.
6. Fry garlic With oil
(use soft heat), when brown add yellowed pork, fry until done, add chilli paste, seasoning, fry until oily and fragrant.
7. Serve with vegetables.

Vegetable served With Nam Phrik Ong

- Chinese cabbage 20 g
- Long beans 50 g
- Cucumber 33 g

1. Serve with fresh vegetables only.
2. Soft heat recommended in frying